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Celebrities, actors, musical artists, social media influencers, and pro-sports players use NDAs every day when they want to keep something secret.

Social media influencer?

This should make a lot of sense to you.

We are looking for a social media influencer who wants to partner with us.

Shush Privacy App
Non-Disclosure Agreement only retains registration data for compliance purposes, ensuring that no other NDA-related information is stored on our servers.

Learn all that you need to know at our
NDA Info Page.

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Woman dating at work

Women lack workplace equality. Shield yourself from gossip and retribution.


It’s wild to consider the pics and videos we send to others. Anyone can share them unless you Shush it.

Hanging out?

Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls, but let’s keep it between us. Shush it now.

female influencer who uses a non-disclosure agreement

Woman dating?

Women are pushing boundaries and reshaping perceptions every day.

NDAs are simply smart.

group of female influencers taking a selfie after signing a non-disclosure agreement

Hanging with the girls?

Why an NDA?
Well, that’s the point.
It’s none of your business.

non-disclosure agreement user


Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls, but let’s keep it between us.
Shush it now and be sharp.

non-disclosure agreement app gold screen

Woman at work

What can benefit one person’s career can easily harm the career of another.

 Shush it.
non-disclosure agreement app red screen

Texting pics?

Man, think about it for a second.

non-disclosure agreement app blue screen


No one thinks an NDA makes sense for dating, right?
Think back to a bad breakup.

About us

We know people don’t think twice about sending racy videos and selfies.
People also always hook up and would love to keep it quiet.
We got this.

female influencer who uses shush non-disclosure agreement with phone screens

Social Media Influencers

We’re looking for a social media player to partner with us and help us go viral.

My name is Josh, and I’m the CEO of Shush.
I’m also a partner in a software development firm.

We have the abilities required to develop digital products and change existing products as we see fit and as the market needs.

Please download our free app and see how cool it is.

Look at the screens designed to match different outfits, moods, cultures, or trends.

Please check out our website and Instagram.

We are open to all changes and suggestions, but we wanted to set the table and show the corporate culture of unity and privacy that we support in the latest four or five Instagram postings.

The content on Instagram represents the corporate culture and what we see as the economic opportunities and markets.

We can change everything suggested for social media marketing and the app screens to anything we choose, including videos or pictures of you or any other celebrity team member.

Please look at the screens available on the app now in the settings tab.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

We are looking for the right partner to get this across the finish line!

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